Discover the wisdom that Silver Screen Studios has to share. From TV legend Norman Lear to Phyllis Shlecter, a feisty 90 year old who was recently bat mitzvah'ed, to Dick and Lois Gunther, a beautiful couple falling in love all over again in their twilight years, to Marion Ross, the beloved TV mom Mrs. C from "Happy Days."


Legendary TV writer and producer Norman Lear continues to create into his 90s, driven by curiosity about “the game of life” and what comes next. His next passion project: a comedy titled “Guess Who Died?”

Phyllis Shlecter finds that most people are surprised she’s nearly 90. That’s what it’s like when you don’t fit stereotypes about nonagenarians. Phyllis was bat mitzvah-ed at 82 and just might change your views on aging.

Meet Gordon and Iris Cutler. Gordon is still a milk drinker at 82, and Iris has gone back to school. They're enjoying their community and the freedom to take on new adventures. Discover how they continue to enjoy their lives and family, and everything that makes their life together rich with experience.

Beloved Actress Marion Ross, known to millions as Mrs. C From “Happy Days,” shares her wisdom, wit, optimism (and a few F-bombs) on what it feels like to be 88 with an 11-year-old inner child.

Meet Dick and Lois Gunther, married for over 70 years, and falling in love all over again. The couple discuss their contentment and their spirituality during their Last Act together.

Meet couples married for decades and learn what makes their marriages so strong after all these years They discuss love, death, and the acceptance of aging.


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