Share your own inspiring interviews with parents, grandparents, neighbors and mentors! Download our toolkit to learn how.

Apart from individuals, Silver Screen Studios will be working with senior residence homes, community centers, synagogues, and other locations. We work great with educators, too! It’s easy to include in a curriculum that teaches younger generations how to capture oral histories and become visual-archivists. Let’s work together to spark intergenerational connections and meaningful relationships.


Sample Questions & Tips

Open-Ended Wisdom

  • What gets you up in the morning?

  • How old do you feel?

  • Has religion or spirituality played a role for you in your life? 

  • What is the secret to a healthy and lasting relationship?

It's Easy to Start!

  • Nothing fancy, your phone will do just fine to film.

  • Aim for short and sweet, around 3 minutes.

  • Documentary style! Stay off camera.